the sisters in the sandwich shoppe

We are the Fox sisters, Tracy & Jules, proud owners of Espresso Yourself Coffee & Cafe.We opened our doors in September of 2018.We are delighted to say that we were embraced by the neighborhood of Southampton in the South City are of St. Louis, Missouri.

The coffee shop is located right on the corner of Macklind & Devonshire Avenues in the heart of the vibrant and growing Macklind Business District. During 2020, the year of Covid-19, the previous tenant moved out of the adjacent storefront and someone from the neighborhood just happened to mention that the space would be perfect for a deli. It didn’t take much discussion for us to decide to take a chance, just like we did when we opened Espresso Yourself.

We toyed around with names and it was obvious that we wanted the world to know that it was us, two best friends that are lucky to be sisters too. It didn’t take long to realize that Sisters Sandwich Shoppe was the winner (insert mic drop).

Instinctively we knew the vibe we wanted new shoppe to have. All the mid century formica tables and chairs moved from the coffee shop over to the deli and we started to collect everything we could think of to reflect our years of growing up here in St. Louis. Things that folks would enjoy spotting and say “remember when!?” Think back to the old lap trays we ate on as kids while watching shows like Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley, telephones that hung on the wall with a cord that could stretch half way across a room… you get the idea.

The creative names of all of our sandwiches were a collaboration of ideas from some of the biggest sandwich connoisseurs around, our kids! Just like at the coffee shop, we are keeping it local. Our bread comes from Bridge Bread check out, they have an amazing story. We have Vess soda in a can, The G.O.A.T. Brand potato chips and other goodies sourced from the amazing small businesses around town.

Our sandwiches are some of the classics, with the Sisters twist. The signature is the Sisters Sammie, a ¼ inch thick slice of bologna, fried, 2 pieces of American cheese and topped with a healthy handful of Old Vienna Red Hot Ripplets.

We hope you enjoy your visit to both Sisters Sandwich Shoppe and Espresso Yourself Coffee & Cafe. A dream come true for us and not a day goes by that we don’t say the words Blessed, Grateful and Humbled.

Keeping things fresh with our local suppliers

Bridge Bread is a bakery with heart. We employ hardworking individuals who are experiencing homelessness and provide them with marketable skills and reliable employment.

Read their whole story here.