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Live Music with Emma Gass

I’m a native STL contemporary singer who enjoys singing pop/country/blues/singer-songwriter love ballads.

I’ve been singing since I was a kid. I have a passion for performing. I have done musicals and plays in Missouri and Illinois all my life. With a theatrical background, I’ve grown more interested in contemporary music where I can sing as myself rather than cast as an actress.

Fun fact: I sang in a choir alongside the famous Christian group New Song at Winter Jam in 2017.

FB: @emmagass | IG: @emmarosegass

Rigby Band

We’re Rigby, a St. Louis acoustic trio inspired by the greats of soul, jazz, rock, folk, and everything in-between. While we’ve only been a group for a short time, we all met years ago, and the act you’re seeing now is the culmination of hours and hours of musical exploration coming together! We hope you enjoy our cozy and inviting sound.

Handmade Spring Market

Join us on Sunday, May 1 from 4p-8p for a relaxing spring at the corner of Macklind & Devonshire at the Handmade Spring Market!
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Live Music with Kyle Walz

Kyle Walz is a songwriter performer playing a range of original and cover music. His next album Mask is coming in April. Later in 2022 there will be monthly new music releases on Spotify and YouTube. Catch his YouTube for music related content.

Welcome Back Mike Mattingly!

Music is such a gift to us all and I appreciate it more with each passing day. I am super grateful to be able to write, record and perform music for a living. Sometimes writing comes easily for me, other times not so much. It kind of feels like fishing…my line is always in the water but some days the fish are biting and other days they just aren’t. When I get stuck or feel uninspired, I listen to other artists that I admire and I come up with “my version” of one of their songs. So much fun…I always find it helpful in getting my mind cleared and more often than not, I return to my writing with a reinvigorated mindset. I work from the inside out. I do not seek out validation from external sources. I am not afraid of the truth. How ‘bout you?