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Justin Jagler at Sisters Sandwich Shoppe

Armed with rock ‘n’ roll gusto and dynamic guitars, Justin Jagler delivers soulful roots music across America’s heartland and beyond. Through songs like “Mine My Soul” and “Harvest Time,” Jagler’s relentless songwriting and nimble voice pay homage to folk traditions and explore the lives of 21st-century characters

Live Music with Emma Gass

I’m a native STL contemporary singer who enjoys singing pop/country/blues/singer-songwriter love ballads.

I’ve been singing since I was a kid. I have a passion for performing. I have done musicals and plays in Missouri and Illinois all my life. With a theatrical background, I’ve grown more interested in contemporary music where I can sing as myself rather than cast as an actress.

Fun fact: I sang in a choir alongside the famous Christian group New Song at Winter Jam in 2017.

FB: @emmagass | IG: @emmarosegass

Rigby Band

We’re Rigby, a St. Louis acoustic trio inspired by the greats of soul, jazz, rock, folk, and everything in-between. While we’ve only been a group for a short time, we all met years ago, and the act you’re seeing now is the culmination of hours and hours of musical exploration coming together! We hope you enjoy our cozy and inviting sound.

Gerard Erker

Gerard Erker is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter & founding member of Roots-Rock & Bluegrass band The Mighty Pines. Gerard has toured the U.S. extensively since 2013. With a foundation in American folk music, he has a broad musical vocabulary and often takes requests. While juggling guitar, fiddle & mandolin, he uses a loop pedal to create experimental jams & colorful soundscapes.

Handmade Spring Market

Join us on Sunday, May 1 from 4p-8p for a relaxing spring at the corner of Macklind & Devonshire at the Handmade Spring Market!
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