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Welcome Back Mike Mattingly!

Music is such a gift to us all and I appreciate it more with each passing day. I am super grateful to be able to write, record and perform music for a living. Sometimes writing comes easily for me, other times not so much. It kind of feels like fishing…my line is always in the water but some days the fish are biting and other days they just aren’t. When I get stuck or feel uninspired, I listen to other artists that I admire and I come up with “my version” of one of their songs. So much fun…I always find it helpful in getting my mind cleared and more often than not, I return to my writing with a reinvigorated mindset. I work from the inside out. I do not seek out validation from external sources. I am not afraid of the truth. How ‘bout you?


Homemade Holiday Market

Shop | Sip | Snack

Enjoy a dozen or more local makers | creatives | artists for a fun evening to kick of your holidays!

Live Music by Justin Jagler!  Drink and food specials by Espresso Yourself & Sisters Sandwich Shoppe